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I highly recommend Natasha’s workshops, they are extremely informative, full of content and original. Natasha is very committed in supporting people achieve a fulfilling life and she uses modalities that are original and different than most coaches. Last but not least, Natasha comes from the heart and shows a deep care and connection with her clients, if you want to achieve a life by your design she will be your best partner!


Denise Silk testimonial

I loved the interactive nature of the workshop and it was full of openness and authenticity. It was a wonderful day with a fabulous group of women.


daniela rosa testimonial

I went into the workshop with some apprehension, but also with an open mind. Upon arrival, I felt instantly at ease: Natasha’s warm and welcoming demeanour, as well as the great group of women she carefully curated for that day made for a wonderfully supportive environment where we were encouraged to share, in complete confidence, our hopes and desires. Some of these women I still keep in touch with.
Natasha is a gifted healer, as well as an engaging individual (and full time ray of sunshine). I would recommend this course for any woman ready to explore their talents and share them with the world!


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Thank you for the beautiful heart warming and safe environment you created to allow us to connect and explore ourselves. Loved, loved, loved the day…!!


kate eden testimonial

It was inspiring to meet lovely powerful women. It was great to learn about Astrology and face reading and I can tell a lot about myself and others. I’ve noticed after the workshop I have a greater degree of calm and perspective about things that have been troubling me.


ashleigh murray testimonial

Such an amazing day ! I am so pleased I opened up and spontaneously came here today. I had no real understanding of what the workshop was or what I would get out of it, but feel so energised and connected now. I truly feel like I am in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. I have not made connections, I have made friends. I felt more at ease and inspired today in this world that I have for many many years. You have further cemented that I am on the right path in my search for purpose. And from your flyer, that was the exact outcome we were to achieve from this workshop. So well done!!


Mariana Robson testimonial

What a beautiful amazing space you created in your workshop. A soulful enlightened and safe space for sharing, letting go and understanding more about our magnificent feminine spirits… so grateful! xx


As always the day was lovely; lots of insights and love came my way. Felt safe to share and thank you for the support offered. A good reawakening of meditation of spirituality…


A wonderful space to be in, to be fed and nurtured by you. What feedback can I give you?…. I feel so at peace, and radiating a sense of self, a connection, a power, an inner knowing that I am on track.


Great welcome Hug…your energy is so easy to love.! I enjoyed learning all about my astrology it was very interesting. Enjoyed the food and the exercises we did. I would have enjoyed listening more to what you had to say rather than us. Thank you for having this workshop. I’m going away feeling like superwomen. A stronger confident me..!


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